January 18, 2023 King City Council Meeting

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Live from King City


Moment of Silence 00:00:04

Administer Oath of Office to Elected Council Member 00:00:45

Call to Order 00:04:21

Approval of Minutes 00:05:12

Special Presentation: Washington County Sherriff's Update 00:06:48

Open Forum 00:26:25

New Business: Officer Appointment 00:42:26

New Business: April Financials 00:46:19

New Business: Resolution R-2023-01 01:15:46

New Business: R-2023-02 01:18:05

New Business: R-2023-03 01:22:27

New Business: Architect to Design Civic Center 01:40:23

New Business: OLCC Application - Gambino's Italian Cafe 01:51:07

New Business: Consider Committee Appointments 01:55:56

New Business: Metropolitan Land Group Funding Agreement 01:57:01

Police Chief's Report 02:04:44

City Manager's Report 02:18:43

Adjournment 02:40:18

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