Prescription for Justice - Ignorance, Pseudoscience, and Democracy

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This program explores the nature of pseudoscience and ignorance in the United States. I describe the characteristics of pseudoscience and how to spot fake news. I focus on health care, the environment, and threats to democracy. I define the characteristics of pseudoscience, common unscientific beliefs, and the roles played by education, religion, corporations, lobbyists, journalists, and politicians viz a viz informing/misinforming the general public. Pseudoscience and ignorance constitute grave threats to democracy, especially in light of reports of outside interference in U.S. elections and how easy computer scientists agree it would be to alter election results (something that could be easily prevented with relatively little investment to create a verifiable paper trail). Finally, I offer possible solutions for safeguarding education, truth, and democracy. (Recorded February 24, 2020)

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