January 10, 2022 Tualatin City Council

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Tualatin City Council Meeting


Call to Order 00:00:06

Recognition of City Attorney Sean Brady 00:04:17

Public Comment 00:19:53

Consent Agenda 00:21:02

The Consent Agenda will be enacted with one vote. The Mayor will ask Councilors if there is anyone who wishes to remove any item from the Consent Agenda for discussion and consideration. If you wish to request an item to be removed from the consent agenda you should do so during the Citizen Comment section of the agenda. 1. Consideration of Approval of the Work Session and Regular Meeting Minutes of December 13, 2021 2. Consideration of Resolution No. 5591-22 Accepting Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) of the Office of Justice Programs (OJP), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Justice & Security Strategies (JSS) Grant Funds

Public Hearing;Consideration of Resolution No. 5588-22 Authorizing Changes to the FY 2021-2022 Adopted Budget 00:22:17

General Business:Consideration of Resolution No. 5590-22 Awarding a Contract for the Climate Action Plan to the Good Company 00:27:23

Council Communications 01:03:31

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