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Tualatin City Council Meeting


Call to Order 00:00:06

Community Development Week Proclamation 00:02:24

Arbor Week Presentation and Proclamation 00:05:32

Public Comment 00:16:13

This section of the agenda allows anyone to address the Council regarding any issue not on the agenda, or to request to have an item removed from the consent agenda. The duration for each individual speaking is limited to 3 minutes. Matters requiring further investigation or detailed answers will be referred to City staff for follow-up and report at a future meeting.

Consent Agenda 00:17:00

The Consent Agenda will be enacted with one vote. The Mayor will ask Councilors if there is anyone who wishes to remove any item from the Consent Agenda for discussion and consideration. If you wish to request an item to be removed from the consent agenda you should do so during the Citizen Comment section of the agenda. 1. Consideration of Approval of the City Council Work Session and Regular Meeting Minutes of March 8, 2021 2. Consideration of Approval of Late Liquor License Renewals for 2021 3. Consideration of Resolution No. 5533-21 Authorizing The City Manager to Execute Contract Amendments with Wallis Engineering for Professional Engineering and Related Services

Briefing from Portland General Electric (PGE) CEO 00:19:34

Annual Report of the Tualatin Park Advisory Commit 01:06:51

Tualatin Moving Forward Quarterly Update 01:21:17

Tualatin Police Department Annual Report 01:49:45

Ordinance No. 1454-21 02:25:56

Consideration of Ordinance No. 1454-21 Amending Tualatin Comprehensive Plan Map 10-1 to Amend the Neighborhood Commercial Zone (CN) and Medium Low Density Residential (RML) Zones for Parcels Located at Tax Map 2S135D, Tax Lots 400, 401, 500, and 501; and Amending Tualatin Development Code Sections 51.110 and 51.200 (PMA 20-0002 AND PTA 20-0005)

Consideration of Recommendations 02:31:13

Consideration of Recommendations from the Council Committee on Advisory Appointments

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