February 16, 2021 Hillsboro City Council

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Hillsboro City Council Meeting


Call to Order - Roll Call 00:00:02

Presentations 1.1 00:01:30

1.1. Portland General Electric: Resiliency and Emergency Preparedness - presented by Maria Pope, President and CEO; Bill Messner, Director of Wildfire Mitigation and Resiliency; Nick Loos, Director of Renewable Operations; and Troy Gagliano, Manager of Local Government Affairs

Presentations 1.2 00:39:19

1.2. Presentation of the 2021 Picture Hillsboro Winner

Proclamation 1.3 00:45:30

Proclamation: COVID Memorial Day - March 1

Consent Agenda 00:48:26

3.1. Consider the Transportation Committee’s recommendation to execute Amendment No. 1 to the Intergovernmental Agreement to Support the South Hillsboro Community Plan Area to update the Programmed Transportation Packages identified in Table 1 of the Agreement and to define the term development used in Section C.2 of the Agreement, subject to final review by the City Attorney. Staff Report 3.2. Consider Finance Committee's recommendation for mid-year approval of a job reclassification, including any budget revisions and necessary transfers of appropriation. Staff Report

Ordinances 00:49:16

(Per Charter requirements, ordinances are adopted over the course of two City Council meetings, unless special circumstances exist. If applicable, ordinances adopted at a single meeting are noted as such on the agenda.) First Reading: 5.1. Consider Finance Committee's recommendation to adopt an ordinance amending the City’s current Public Contracting Rules and Real Property Acquisition Policy. Ordinance No. *6368 is available. Staff Report Ordinance No. 6368 Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C

New Business 6.1 00:50:39

6.1. Century LPA Consider the Transportation Committee’s recommendation to adopt a resolution adopting the phased Option 4A and Option 4B as the Locally Preferred Alternative for the alignment of SE Century Boulevard from the roundabout at SE Kinnaman Road south to the intersection of SE McInnis Lane. Resolution No. *2713 is available. Staff Report Resolution No. 2713

New Business 6.2 00:53:29

Consider adopting a resolution adopting the 2021 City Council Guiding Principles and Priorities. Resolution No. *2714 is available. Staff Report

City Manager Report 00:57:02

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