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Tualatin Worksession


Public Meetings – a Briefing. 00:00:42

Public Meetings – a Briefing. The City Attorney will give an informational briefing about public meetings. Topics to be covered include types of public meetings, legal requirements, and tips to avoid public meeting law violations.

Sewer and Stormwater Rates 00:48:21

Sewer and Stormwater Rates. At the November 23rd Council Work Session sewer and stormwater rates were discussed; Council directed staff to return with impacts of delaying rate increases until July, or passing a smaller increase in February to minimize rate increases in July, as much as possible, and lessen impacts on the City’s systems. Staff will present options to the Council in tonight’s Work Session and ask for direction related to Sewer and Stormwater rates.

City Council Committee Assignments 00:56:49

City Council Committee Assignments. Attached is the Committee Assignments sheet that includes all local and regional committees that have a Tualatin Council member assigned to them. Once assignments are made, staff will notify the committee of the Tualatin representative and an updated sheet will be distributed and available on the City’s website.

Council Meeting Agenda Review, Communications & R 01:17:55

Council Meeting Agenda Review, Communications & Roundtable. Council will review the agenda for the January 11th City Council meeting and brief the Council on issues of mutual interest

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